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Find refuge within.

I've been on my inner journey on the yogic path for over 20 years. For many years, my understanding of finding refuge was heavily focused on going to physical spaces that provided shelter from life's storms. For me, being in nature became the home to my heart and peace of mind. So, I got to know the trees and creeks and listened to harmonizing sounds of the wild. I found refuge.

As I move deeper into my practice my understanding of refuge has shifted. I no longer need to get in my car and drive to destination refuge. Refuge is in my heart, in the stillness the mind-stream, in the sound healing that I receive and give, and in service. If I can do all of this in the forest, it's a bonus! It's through practice, learning and living that one shapes the space and environment of our inner journey. It's through the cultivation of compassion for oneSelf and others that we find love and forgiveness. It's through your connection to your breath, mind-body, and the higher Self that we gain a better understanding of our life's mission, our Dharma!

Join me on Friday August 12th for 1 hour of vibrational sound healing beginning at 7PM.

Sound healing supports mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Poetry in Motion, Sunday September 11th beginning at 2PM. Express emotion through movement and poetry. Participants will create a poem and interpret through dance. Dawn Lau, owner of the Dawn Lau Dance Company, will lead this event. We will close in savasana with sound.

Kindly, visit the booking section of the website to book your spot.

Be well,

Crystal Eshanov

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