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November. Embrace.

November arrives with colorful leaves dancing in the air, the cool breeze with peeking sun. Hearts begin to stir, some with beaming love and others with emotions kept dormant beneath all that is.

The words gratitude, thankful, bountiful, love, family, friends, happiness, joy, sadness, grief, loneliness, forgive, forgiveness, forgiven, reconciliation, alienation, sorrow, dread, anxiety, content, connection, abandonment, represent all that one may feel in a heightened sense as we approach the holiday season. Lean into what shows up for you, allow yourself the time and space to feel what you're feeling and exhale. Be gentle with yourself and be mindful of your limits, don't overextend yourself.

Find gratitude in the simplest things in life. Share your beautiful soul with good people. Go out and be helpful to someone. Do things that bring you joy and when you gather with your people on Thanksgiving Day, remember all who you love who are far or have passed on. Cultivate love and compassion in your heart for yourself and others. May all beings be free from suffering and surrounded in God's grace.

November offerings

11/4 - 7pm Inner Child Meditation, Biofeedback Tuning & Sound Healing

11/12 4pm Native American History Month Community Gathering (no fee)

11/13- 11am Kids Sound Immersion - Sold Out

11/18 - 7pm Group Sound Healing

Private & Semi-Private Sound Healing available by appointment

Be well,

Crystal Eshanov

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