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Group Sound Healing for a Cause

Join me on Sunday October 23 at 11am for a group sound healing fundraiser event for Little Angels- Hearts for Teachers.

Little Angels- Hearts for Teachers raises money to provide educators in rural areas of India. Children are nurtured in loving learning environment and have access to teachers and educational resources.

While on a homeschool teacher training in Ohio this past August I met a wonderful educator and kundalini yoga teacher, Alison Manzer. Alison was a key facilitator for the retreat and offered us yoga, wisdom and connection. She reminded us of all the wonderful opportunities that exist for us to support each other and serve. Alision shared her role as President of the Little Angels - Heart for Teachers organization which provides financial support to educators working with poor children in rural India. I was inspired to include the Little Angels organization to my seva practice.

The word Seva in Sanskrit translates to selfless service. It's considered the most important part of any spiritual practice. Selfless action lies in the heart of Karma yoga and human - being.

I invite you to join me on Sunday October 23rd at 11am to enjoy 1 hour of sound healing and community connection at my fundraiser for Little Angels- Heart for Teachers. 100% of proceeds will go to Little Angels. To learn more about Little Angles- Hart for Teachers visit

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