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Rest your energy source and wipe the mind clear of negative thoughts.

The body is the instrument to the mind. While we walk on the path of life experiences, we carry stress, emotions, and things we put away deep in the heart. All of the treasures we pick up along the way find a seat in the body and take up space in the mind. The " stuff" manifests or shows up for us in many different ways.

In my life, the yogic path has provided me the space and opportunity to quiet the mind-body and listen to the Soul. My healing began with a very special spiritual friend teaching me how to breath in a way that made me feel safe, in-control of the moment, and connected me to my true Self. Through yoga, I have made many connections to teachers and friends who are traveling along a similar path. My intention is to share with you all that I've learned in hopes that some part of what I share supports you on your soul journey and brings you peace, self-love and connection.

Join me for a 3-part series of Yoga & Sound Healing beginning Sunday May 15th at 9:30am. Classes will include 45 of gentle yoga & 15 minutes of Sound Healing. The classes are appropriate for all levels of practice. Visti the booking section of the website for class pricing options and registration.

Sending love, peace, and strength your way- Crystal

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