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Level up!

I just returned from completing the Atma Buti method level 3 training out in Colorado. The experience left me feeling incredibly grounded and connect to a higher a source. We were reminded to stay humble, serve, be loyal and work from a space of intention that supports healing for ourselves and others.

Sound vibration provides a guide into a deeper connection with our mind- body relationship. The vibration revitalizes our cells, deepens overall relaxation and opens up our energy channels to release blocks that hinder the healing process.

Create the space and time for your mind - body to reset and restore. Join me on a deep sound journey experience on Friday August 12 beginning at 7PM. Allow your SELF to step away, disconnect and journey into peace & calm for 60 minutes. Make your wellness a top priority and gift your heart, mind, and spirit the space that allows you to let everything go.

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