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Gratefully speaking.

Hello friends!

I'm taking a few minutes to stop in and provide an update on the latest at Sage & Sound Holistic Wellness.

The Fall arrived ready to shake things up in a way that allows us to begin to turn inward to do the inner workings of shedding, renewing, and deepening our personal practices and connecting us to our Dharma.

The following events were created with the intention to support your inner peace and nurture your well-being.

Friday October 14th Group Sound Healing.

7-8pm /$45

Friday November 4th Inner Child Meditation lead by, Alicia Bozza, followed by Sound Healing.

7-8:15pm / $50

Friday November 18th Group Sound Healing.

7-8pm /$45

Please bring your yoga mat and a pillow to your class. A blanket will be provided by the studio.

You are welcome to bring your own blanket if you wish.

As the holiday season approaches, consider giving the gift of sound to a loved one. Gift cards are available on the home page.

Be well,

Crystal Eshanov

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